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& Sanders, LLC
         Attorneys at law
Bloodgood & Sanders, LLC offers employment law advice and representation to individuals and businesses in South Carolina. We recognize that employment relationships are impactful and meaningful, yet surprisingly complex. As a result, our approach to each client's situation is varied and personalized  to address the unique needs of the precise situation and relationship at issue. If you need advice, counsel, or representation related to your employment, contact us to set up a consultation.  
Nancy Bloodgood and Lucy C. Sanders have practiced employment law together for the past six years.  Our partnership allows us to deliver a client-centered, collaborative approach to each individual matter.  By combining our varied strengths and experiences, we strive to deliver effective and efficient results for our clients.
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We are available by phone and e-mail to review your employment matters.  Prior to accepting a new client or case, we carefully check for conflicts and engage in an initial consultation process to analyze the specific legal issues involved in the matter and confirm our office is equipped to efficiently handle the matter. 
Call or email us today to determine whether we can help with your employment law needs. 
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